Key players in biodiversity

In the day-to-day running of their businesses, our livestock farmers play a very tangible role in biodiversity.

They undoubtedly maintain our countryside and, through their actions, help to protect biodiversity.

Maintaining the countryside

On a daily basis, our farmers take care of our countryside, with the help of their sheep.

Our farmers look after the land and the sheep look after the less accessible areas.

This dynamic duo works together to keep our countryside beautiful and unspoiled.

les acteurs de la biodiversité l'entretien des campagnes
la défense de la biodiversité chez le petit basque

Defending biodiversity

Our livestock farmers play an active and concrete role in protecting biodiversity: they practise land rotation, which allows the soil to rest and leaves time for the grasses to grow back to reach optimum energy values.

Our farmers are also keen to reintroduce hedgerows, which help to limit soil erosion and encourage more active biodiversity that is more conducive to pollination. The hedges also provide shade for our sheep on sunny days.

In 2021, nearly 5,000 plants, or more than 6 km of hedges, were replanted!