Our commitments

For over 60 years, Le Petit Basque has been dedicated to bringing you authentic yoghurts and desserts with the promise of providing the best according to our dairy expertise.

We favour short ingredient lists for healthy and delicious products, the well-being of our farmers, their sheep, and our environment.

Discover our commitments and certifications here.

engagements le petit basque : les certifications


Since the 2000s, Le Petit Basque has been committed to quality processes to meet market and consumer expectations. This enables us to offer products with ever-improving traceability, a guarantee of satisfaction for you, the consumers!

Our rigorous processes and requirements have been rewarded with numerous certifications.

These certifications are maintained year after year thanks to the daily commitment of all our factory teams.


Our 7 commitments

Des valeurs fortes

Nos 7 engagements

engagements le petit basque : du lait uniquement de nos éleveurs

Our farmer's milk

En 2015, Le Petit Basque a décidé de créer sa propre filière de lait de brebis pour travailler en circuit court, mieux maîtriser l’approvisionnement et la qualité du lait.  

Aujourd’hui, nous sommes accompagnés par 110 éleveurs dont 43 en agriculture biologique. C’est grâce à eux et à leurs brebis que nous pouvons produire nos bons yaourts et desserts avec du lait de brebis frais toute l’année.

100% southwestern French milk

We are proud to offer you products made from 100% French sheep’s milk from our beautiful regions in Nouvelle Aquitaine and Occitanie.

Our collection area is no more than 400 kilometres, stretching from the Dordogne to the Aveyron.

engagements le petit basque : du lait 100% sud ouest et sans ogm
engagements le petit basque : des listes d'ingrédients courtes

Short ingredient lists

Since the birth of the Le Petit Basque brand, we have always favoured the shortest possible ingredient lists without additives and excluded preservatives whenever possible.

We develop our recipes according to a strict quality charter in which we guarantee the best nutritional balance, in particular by reducing sugar.

Preserving biodiversity

Our farmers are also agronomists.

They produce most of the feed given to their sheep themselves. They cultivate the land to create fodder and leave it fallow to allow the soil to rest.

They are also committed to restoring biodiversity by planting hedges and trees to prevent soil erosion and provide shade for the sheep.

By 2021, almost 5,000 plants, or more than 6 km of hedges, were replanted.

engagements le petit basque :les acteurs de la biodiversité : l'agriculture chez le petit basque
engagements le petit basque : le respect de nos brebis

Respect for our sheep

Our farmers look after their animals because “a healthy sheep makes good milk” (to quote a farmer).

They pay close attention to their well-being, their diet, their daily needs, and behaviours.

Find out more about their diet and daily care here.

A more recyclable packaging

Protecting the environment is one of our core concerns, and we are actively working on the eco-design of our packaging.

Today, 90% of Le Petit Basque packaging is recyclable.

We are committed to sustainable development through various environmental projects. Our carton containers are manufactured directly in our production plant and come from sustainably managed forests.

What’s more, we’ve done away with our sleeve packaging for our 4x115g range of sheep’s milk yoghurts.

And we’re not stopping there – there are plenty of other projects in the pipeline!

engagements le petit basque : des emballages plus recyclables
engagements le petit basque : soutien à l'agriculture bio

Support for organic farming

In 2001, Le Petit Basque made a commitment to organic farming by offering a range of organic yoghurts and desserts.

This choice reflects not only a desire to protect the environment, but also a real desire to offer healthy, natural, and simply good products.

Since then, we have helped 4 young farmers become organic farmers and supported the conversion of 48 farms to organic farming.

Le Petit Basque is surrounded by around forty farmers who have chosen this type of farming.

Label PME +

The PME+ label rewards the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach initiated by small independent businesses.

Le Petit Basque has been certified since 2018 for its commitment to its producers and the recovery of its waste.

The PME+ label has to be renewed every year and maintains us in a continuous improvement dynamic.

engagements le petit basque : label PME+
histoire le petit basque

Our story

Discover the origin of curd and follow our journey through significant milestones.

la filière brebis : nos eleveurs Le Petit Basque

The ewe industry

More than just a job, it's a story of men and women passionate about their profession. Find out who they are and what they do.

maillage recettes au lait de brebis Le Petit basque

Our products

Discover all our know-how in our delicious recipes. From our traditional curds to our sheep's milk yoghurts

Certifications de Le Petit Basque, une entreprise engagée.

*IFS (International Featured Standard) est un certificat qui a pour but de  standardiser le niveau de qualité et de sécurité des produits alimentaires  vendus sous marque de distributeur.